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Meetings Postponed

As our church is still looking for new department heads for 2019’s, the Deacons/ Dept. Heads Year-end Evaluation Meeting will postpone to Nov. 10 (Sat.) from 9:00am-12:30pm, and the Deacon/Dept. Head Planning Meeting will postpone to Dec. 8 (Sat.) from 9:00am-12:30pm. May all new and current dept. heads reserve your time to attend.

Deacon Election Result

Praise the Lord for leading the deacon election last Sunday, and the two candidates were successfully elected: Amina Ng with 98% and David Sin with 99%. They will join with current deacons: Lawrence Lo, Patrick Au, Alan Choi, Vivian Chui and three pastors to form the 2019’s Deacon Board.

Family and Children’s Pastor

After reviewing feedback from congregation on Family and Children’s Pastor candidate with positive response, deacon board had given the offer to candidate: Pastor Ruth Goh in last week. After prayer together before God with the family, Pastor Ruth has accepted our offer and confirmed to start her ministry to be the “Family and Children’s Pastor”…


Please note that there will be a Cambodia and Vietnam STM fundraising on Oct 14 before EM service and after Sunday school. The STM team will sell snacks, drinks and other products. The money they collect will be used for buying supplies such as supplements and snacks for the missionaries in Cambodia, and buying supplies…

Deacon Election Update

After having contacted the nominees by the Deacon Election Committee, Aminia Ng will step up for re-elect and David Sin to be the candidate. Starting from today till this Saturday, Sept 29, members of our church are welcome to submit 2nd round nomination. Members are asked to make nominations as soon as possible so that…