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BPGC Reopening Plan

Preliminary preparation for reopening –  Finishing all the construction of Day care & library –  Finishing sanitizing protocols, labels, arrow, social distancing mark, signs, room numbers etc. –  Setting up all the sanitizers, register board, get ready for all cleaning equipment –  Equipment for live streaming and video recording –  Church cleaning day Phase I…

Deacon Election Committee (DEC)

A DEC will be formed for the 2022 Deacon Election in October. Church members are now invited to nominate two representatives from the congregation to join the DEC. Please submit nominations in writing with two members’ signatures to deacon board no later than July 4, 2021 .


Our AGM will be held online from 8-10pm on Saturday May 15th. You can find the documents (eg. agenda, minutes, budgets) on the websites below. In preparation, a Q&A window will be open between April 11th-25th to submit any questions, with responses from deacon board by May 9th. The voting proxy to be completed by each…

Updates to Offering via Mailed Cheques/E-Transfers

Thank you again for your continued generosity to the church. Upon conducting our annual financial review, for the purpose of better record keeping: Effective April 1st, 2021, we are asking everyone to include their donor name, offering number, fund designation in the memo for each transfer (eg. John Doe, #000, General). Mailed cheques must have this…

BPGC 30th Anniversary Slideshow

Although we haven’t been able to commemorate 30 years at BPGC yet, here’s a quick walk down memory lane. Looking forward to celebrating with you all in person when we can meet together again! English link: Chinese link:

Final 2020 Yearly Offering Record

Attached is the final 2020 yearly offering record (updated to the December 20th cut off). Please review these figures, which include offerings received by cash, cheque and e-transfer. Should you have any questions for donation receipts, please notify the church office by January 31st, 2021. YearlyTotalOffering-2020  

2020 Year End Offering Cutoff

–          Offerings received by Sunday December 20th via e-transfer and mailed cheque will be counted towards 2020 giving. Anything received from Monday December 21st onwards will be counted towards 2021 giving. –          Donation records from January 1st – November 22nd, 2020 will be posted on the church website by offering number for reference, including amounts given in person, e-transfer and mailed…

Ride for Refuge

This year, BPGC has gathered 14 people to run bike and dance for Ride for Refuge. It is a free-event fundraiser for the nonprofit organization: journey Home community. This organization help out refugees in Canada to settle down. Please donate to us by clicking onto the link below this video.