Opportunities to serve

Dec 18 In-person Worship Cancelled Due to Snow

Due to snowy conditions, all in-person worship services & Sunday School will be cancelled today (Dec 18, 2022).  The English service has been moved to online (Zoom). Please join us at 10am as we continue to worship God together: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81267365052?pwd=MVhBRXk3Z2FLUndETi9TUHhJT1hsZz09    


Pastor Eliza is currently on vacation until Sept 9, may God give her wonderful rest and refreshment. Please also note, church office will be closed on Monday Sept 5 (Labor Day).

Staff Updates

We are excited to welcome back Pastor Helena from her maternity leave as she returns to her role as our English Youth Pastor on a part-time basis. With Pastor Helena returning, Pastor Andy’s has finished his term as our Interim English Youth pastor, and will be transitioning to a new role on our pastoral staff…

Leadership Training Opportunity: “Effective Leadership in Times of Change”

MBCCA is holding a leadership training opened for all pastors, all deacons, worship leaders, teachers, and lay-leaders within the church.  This training is for strengthening and building up new leaders within the multi-ethnic church context, especially for churches with English, Cantonese, and Mandarin congregations. The training will be led in English only. We encourage all pastors, deacons…

2022 AGM Results

The 2022 AGM was held online on Saturday, May 21st. The church would like to thank all members for their participation and voting. With the support of the members, all the proposed items in the 2022 AGM were successfully passed. 2022 AGM Results