Posts from January 2016

Expense Reimbursement

If you need to claim back expenses paid in advance for church ministry last year, please fill out and submit your claim form with receipt(s), to the related department mail slot for approval as soon as possible.  Thanks for your cooperation as this will help us finalize the 2015 financial statements on time.

Building Fund Pledge Sunday

January 24, 2016 is our building fund pledge Sunday.  The target for this year has been rounded up to $45,000.  The budget will be used to pay for the building mortgage, renew the chapel floor, repaint the downstairs rooms, clean up the heating supply unit and ventilation unit etc.  Pray earnestly for the Holy Spirit’s guidance…

Mouse Extermination

Recently, mice have been found in church building, so our office has called a pest control company to get rid of it.   The company has placed some mouse traps and poisoned food bait in some hidden areas: mainly in the kitchen cabinets, fellowship hall and library.  Please be careful to not disturb the traps and…

Recruiting for Knitting Hats

The lighthouse ministry group will visit the North Shore Seamen Centre on Saturday, January 23rd. They will be looking to give out some knitted hats to the seamen so we are in need of volunteers to help knit the caps. Supplies will be provided by the Mission Department.  For more details, please contact Joseph Tso.

EM Sunday School (February to June)

Thank you for participating in this semester’s classes, we hope the experiences have been fruitful. For the upcoming semester, we have the following classes: 1) Junior Class – Kemuel Wong (Library) Grades 7-9 students will be learning lessons through various board games 2) Doctrine – Andrew Yeung (Chapel) We will cover foundational Christian beliefs together,…