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Appreciation Gifts

The church has prepared a small gift to show our appreciation to those who served in various BPGC ministries in 2019. If you haven’t picked one up last Sunday, you can pick one up today from the church foyer. Thank you for your time and energy in serving our God and church community!

Expense Reimbursement

If you have any expenses for church ministry in 2019 and have not been reimbursed for them, please fill out and submit your claim form with receipt(s), and filing it in the related department mail slot for dept. head’s approval. All expenses need to be completed prior to the end of December in order to…


The 2020 Flower Offering Calendar is now posted. If you would like to make an offering for the church flower arrangements to commentate significant days such as birthday, anniversaries etc. Please write your name next to the week on the calendar in the foyer. Each offering is $30.

Missing Music Equipment

The Worship Ministry has been missing a light brown Fender guitar, as well as, a few egg shakers. If you have used it in the last two weeks and/or may know of its whereabouts, please return it back to the sanctuary stage as soon as possible.

Mission Pledge Update

Praise God that there are 91 pledges submitted for a total of $57,465.00 (as of last Sunday Nov.17th) for the mission pledge for coming year. Our pledge goal is $75.000. and will be used in supporting the different mission organizations, missionaries, and short-term mission ministries in 2020. If you missed the pledge and would like…

Deacon Election Result

Praise the Lord for leading the deacon election last Sunday, and the three candidates were successfully elected: Andrew Yeung with 97%, Charles Chan with 98% and Kelvin Poon with 99%. They will join with current deacons: Alan Choi, David Sin, Amina Ng and Vivian Chui to form the 2020 Deacon Board.


After having received, discussed and contacted nominees by the Deacon Election Committee, we have 3 candidates who have been put forward as nominees: Andrew Yeung, Charles Chan and Kelvin Poon. Their profiles are inserted in the bulletin. Upon their election, they will join with the existing deacons: Alan Choi, David Sin and Amina Ng to…