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Church Directory

The church directory has not been updated in the past three years due to the pandemic, and most of the information is outdated. In order to re-compile a directory for church communication purposes, we will be collecting the information via the following methods: A) Members who currently attend a fellowship: You can check, update/add your…

Church Hygiene

Due to the recent discovery of rats/mice inside the church building, please ensure that all remaining food residue is thoroughly cleaned up and disposed of. (Eg., wrap food residue in a plastic bag and put it in a lidded garbage can, clean all utensils and put them in a covered container after use, clean up…

2022 Total Offering Records

The 2022 total offering records for each individual (by cheque, cash, and e-transfer) are posted on the church bulletin board and listed below for review.  If any questions or concerns, please contact our church secretary Louise ( as soon as possible. The church will be issuing tax receipts based on the offering records. YearlyDonation  

Updating Email Addresses for 2022 Tax Receipts

We are hoping to be able to continue emailing annual donation receipts. If you are interested in receiving them via email, please complete the form below. Otherwise, the remainder will be regular mailed as print copies. Deadline: January 31, 2023 Link: NOTE: If you received your 2020 and/or 2021 tax receipts electronically and your…

Thank-you Gifts

As a way of expressing gratitude to all the brothers and sisters who have served in 2022, the church has prepared a small thank-you gift.  Regardless of which ministry you have served in during the year, you are welcome to pick up a gift at the sanctuary entrance.

Expenses Reimbursement

As the financial year is coming to an end, if congregation members have made any expenses for the church for this current year, please fill in & submit an expense claim form to the church office as soon as possible in order to receive reimbursement. The claim forms can be found in the bottom left…

Offering Records

The total offering records for each individual (by cheque, cash, and e-transfer) for the calendar year 2022 are posted on the church bulletin board and listed below for review.  If any questions, please contact the church office. Just for reference, all cheque/cash offerings collected in a given month are counted once altogether on the last…

Deacon Election Results

Praise God for leading the Deacon Election last week. After counting the submitted ballots from the congregation, we are pleased to announce that the deacon candidate, Valerie Lai, was successfully elected with 97.5% of the total votes, and will be joining the 2023 Deacon Board.

Christmas Shoebox Collection

This year, we will be having our annual Christmas Shoebox collection. The shoeboxes can be found in the sanctuary entrance and the gym. After filling it with new items such as stationery, toys, personal hygiene products, and other gifts, please attach $10 postage, then return the packaged shoebox to church. For enquiries, please contact Joseph…