Posts from September 2019

Church Security

Last Sunday afternoon, the door next to church office was found wide open when no one was in the building. This will easily cause the loss of church property by theft. Therefore, for those whether you are church key holders, fellowship chairs/ coordinators or anyone, whenever you leave the church, please make sure all the…

Deacons Election Committee Members

A Deacon Election Committee is formed for 2020’s deacon election. The members are Wilfred Chan, Freeman Lam, Patrick Au, Lawrence Lo and Pastor Enoch. We will have 2 existing deacons stepping down, and elect 3 new deacons for 2020’s term. The board would like to invite members to nominate deacon candidate to DEC by writing,…

Baptism and Membership

On October 13 th , Thanksgiving Sunday, there will be an opportunity to be baptized or transfer your membership to BPGC. If you’re interested in being baptized or transferring your membership, please talk to Pastor Enoch for more information.