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Discipleship Sign Up

EM is introducing a new option during the hour after worship service! In groups of 3 we’ll journey together in a devotional study and share with each other all that we are asking and receiving from God. If you are interested in committing to daily readings in God’s word and sharing weekly with others, then…

Special Welcome

We are thankful to have Pastor Bert Kamphuis in our midst again today. Praise God for the message he has brought to us. Pray that God will strengthen him and his wife, Heather in their body and spirit, and use their ministry in university campus to draw more international students to Jesus Christ.

Deacon Board for 2019

– The Deacon Election Committee for 2019’s deacon election is formed. The members include: Kirstie Feng, David Sin, April Law, Vivian Chui and Pastor Enoch. – For the existing 2018 deacon board: Lawrence Lo, Patrick Au, Alan Choi, Vivian Chui will remain in their term.  Amina Ng will step out for re-elect; and April Law will step…

IT Department Helper Recruit

IT department is requiring helper of “Email Communication Coordinator”. The person interested needed to have experience on: WordPress, Email marketing campaign tools (e.g. mailchimp) and Basic HTML.  If you are interest, please contact Michael Ha (604-721-5217 or for details.

Internship Completion

Thank you to Julianna Lei for her faithful serving in her one-year internship that will finish by this August 31. May God continue to guide and lead her way in future. We will also continue to pray and walk with her as she still in the discerning the will of God, may she find His…