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Lawrence Lo, our deacon, has completed an OnTrack Leadership certification course recently. His graduation ceremony will be taking place next Sunday, Feb 25, at 3:00pm, at our church. Everyone is welcome to attend. Light refreshments will be provided.

Short-Term Mission Trips

– NOVEMBER 5TH-18TH → CAMBODIA Our Mission Dept. is planning a short-term mission trip to Cambodia and visit Vietnam as well. The estimated cost is US$25/per day, plus travelling flight ticket from Vancouver to Hong Kong and Cambodia. – JUNE 21ST – JULY 1ST → B.C. INTERIOR They are also planning another trip to B.C.…

Building Fund Pledge Sunday

We are thankful that 77 members participated in the building pledge last Sunday for a total of $33 ,448. The offering will go directly to help with church maintenance and the building mortgage. This pledge will be ended in this year end. Please mark down your donations amount clearly on the column of building fund…

The Radical Disciple

In response to our church theme “Pursuing Maturity in Christ, Living Faith in Our Daily Lives”, we are encouraging our whole family to read “The Radical Disciple” by John Stott. In the book, John teaches Christians on how to follow our Lord Jesus Christ, to influence our neighbors and to live out our faith in…