Church Directory

The church directory has not been updated in the past three years due to the pandemic, and most of the information is outdated. In order to re-compile a directory for church communication purposes, we will be collecting the information via the following methods:

A) Members who currently attend a fellowship: You can check, update/add your information through the draft directory that will be circulated in your fellowship. 

B) Members who do not attend a fellowship: You can go to the sanctuary entrance after worship service, and there will be an assigned member who will assist you in collecting your personal information:

  • Chinese Morning Service: Louise Lau
  • Chinese Noon Service: Deacon Lawrence Lo
  • English Service: Deacon Jeneen Tso

** Brothers & sisters can choose whether they would like to provide personal information. It is not compulsory or mandatory.

** The church directory is only intended for internal communication purposes between church members at Burnaby Pacific Grace Church. Please do not transfer the information to others or use for commercial purposes. 


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