Updates Regarding Sanctuary Stage Renewal Project

As the Sanctuary Stage Renewal Project begins its early stages, the planning committee would like to extend the invitation to congregation members, particularly from EM, to join the committee. 

  • The committee is also eager to hear from the congregation regarding what changes the congregation would like to see in the sanctuary, as well as which changes are considered more important or urgent. 
  • The committee also welcomes suggestions from the congregation regarding potential interior designers that could help our church visualize this project as it progresses.

Suggestions and inquiries can be forwarded to deacon Jason Siu (whatsapp: 604-719-7157/email: Jason.rx93@email.com).

Interested EM members/suggestions from the EM can be forwarded to Angela Ngai. 

Vision & Purpose of the Sanctuary Renewal Project:

  • To improve the effectiveness and orderliness of the church sanctuary through this project; to enhance the church sanctuary to become a sacred space with symbolic meaning of Christianity and an enriched environment with a Godliness-filled atmosphere. All these are to be accomplished for the congregation involved to participate wholeheartedly in worship, and to experience God’s presence in those surroundings.

A) Effectiveness: improve lighting, set up more user-friendly AV equipment, add & update equipment to meet future development needs.

B) Orderliness: improve storage for music instruments & worship items, hide the wires of electronic devices.

C) A sacred place with symbolic meaning of Christianity and an enriched environment with a Godliness-filled atmosphere: enhance the sanctuary with symbols of Christianity, replacing the communion table.


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