BPGC 30th Anniversary Publications

By God’s grace, BPGC was established in 1990.  In 2020, we planned to celebrate our 30th anniversary. Teams started their efforts on preparing for anniversary publication, souvenirs and celebrating dinner.  Then came the pandemic, and things have to be put on hold.  When in-person worship was a challenge in the past 2 years, we have decided to cancel the 30th anniversary celebration dinner.  With the Lord’s blessings, we should have a more joyful 35th anniversary dinner very soon.

As a way to mark God’s blessings and grace for the past 30 years, some brothers and sisters have worked hard to put together the 30th anniversary publication.  This beautifully designed booklet details the joyful memories and history of our church, as well as wonderful sharing of many brothers and sisters.  It itself is a valuable collection to remind us of God’s wonderful blessings.   Our special thank-you to the editors: Kandi Yip, Samuel Chui and Connie Wong;  the designers: Timothy Au, Galacia Tan, and Iris Lee; the translators: Richard Tam, David Kwan, George Kann and Leslie Tung;  our printing sponsor: Inter Print Ltd.  And, of course, thanks to the brothers and sisters who contributed their heartfelt sharing.

To mark the 30th anniversary, we have also prepared souvenirs: a lovely throw, one per family.

Each family of BPGC members is welcome to take one publication and one souvenir in the gym after worship on July 10, 17 or 24.   After that date, members will have to arrange with church secretary to collect them.


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