Deacon Nominations Extended Deadline

The Deacon Election Committee (Kate Kung, Daniel Li, Alan Choi, Vivian Chui, Pastor Eugene So, and Pastor Enoch Yim),  having met and prayerfully considered a list of suitable individuals, are pleased to name four candidates who have accepted the nomination for election in forming the next deacon board (2022-2023 Term). The 4 nominees are: Angie Au, Lawrence Lo, Jason Siu, and Jeneen Tso. They will be joined by incumbent deacons, Kelvin Poon and Andrew Yeung, who are seeking re-election. As per our church bylaws, congregation members who would like to nominate additional candidates, may do so in writing within 7 days of the publication of the first nominees list (Deadline: Nov. 5, 2021). The nomination form can be found in the following link:


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