Vital Signs: God the Matchmaker

Here are the worship songs selected by our worship team for this week:

Scripture: Acts 10

Sermon and Announcements:

Sermon Discussion Questions:
1. What is happening here for the Acts church and why is it significant?

2. How can we learn and wrestle with cultural differences in our church?
What are some first steps that we all can make to bridge these differences?

3. What are the generational changes our church is facing from our community and from within?

4. What are future generational changes that we will likely face?

5. A year from now, ideally BPGC is glorifying God better in its ministries and better at pointing people to God’s glory.
What did we do to accomplish this?

Announcements Links:
Here are some links related to this week’s announcements:
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Alpha Online Spring Sign Up (Deadline Today – Feb. 28)
Alpha Invitation Guide
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