Vital Signs: A Culture of Generosity – Antioch

Here are the worship songs selected by our worship team for this week:

Scripture: Acts 11:19-30; 12:25-13:3

Sermon and Announcements:

Sermon Discussion Questions:
1. What is an experience of generosity that you received that continues to impact you today?

2. As you read about the church in Antioch in Acts 11:19-30, and 13:1-4, aside from their generosity, what characteristics of this community stood out for you?
What would you want to adopt into our church from the church in Antioch?

3. Antioch received a prophecy about an impending famine that was going to strike the entire Roman empire.
If you could go back in time to December 2019, and be warned about COVID-19 and 2020, what might you have done to prepare yourself?
What would you have done differently?

4. Antioch had to overcome several hurdles in their generosity to others, an empire-wide famine, and the loss of their two leaders.
What hurdles are difficult for you to overcome when it comes to becoming more generous?

5. Pastor Eugene gave 3 suggestions and practices that you can take on to cultivate and develop a more generous life:
a. Consider the benefits of generosity
b. Practicing simplicity/living a more minimalist lifestyle
c. Practicing Gratitude
Which one of these intentional practices would you like to take on this coming month?
How do you plan to do so?

6. For more practical tips on how to develop generosity, check out Joshua Becker’s blog:

Announcements Links:
Here are some links related to this week’s announcements:
Online Giving Page


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