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Willingdon School of the Bible

Willingdon Church will be holding a series of Christian education courses, including: WSB 130 Intro Biblical Interpretation A&B starting Tuesday March 15, 2016 or Thursday March 17, 2016. WSB 403 Theology 3: Salvation and Holy Spirit every Monday from March 14 to May 29, 2016 WSB 530 Missions: Theology and Practice conducted by Robert Erion,…

Deacon Board 2016

After our internal election, the members of our 2016 Deacon Board are: Pastor Enoch Yim (Chair) Lawrence Lo (Vice-Chair) April Law (Secretary) David Sin (Treasurer) Patrick Au Kelvin Kwok Gary Poon Angela Yeung Jason Siu Kandi Yip Pastor Christina Chung Pastor Eliza Lai

Baptism and Membership

On March 27th, Easter Sunday, there will be a water baptism and membership transfer ceremony. If you’re interesting in being baptized or transferring your membership, please inquire with any pastors or deacons. Proper forms are provided on the foyer table and must be completed and returned to the church office. The deadline for the application…

Expense Reimbursement

If you need to claim back expenses paid in advance for church ministry last year, please fill out and submit your claim form with receipt(s), to the related department mail slot for approval as soon as possible.  Thanks for your cooperation as this will help us finalize the 2015 financial statements on time.