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Feedback on the Space Change Trial

Thanks for accommodating our trial of space change for worship in the Chapel the last two months. Beginning today (September 1st), we move back to the Sanctuary for EM worship. Please submit any feedback on the space change trial using the following link:

Deacons Election Committee Members

A Deacon Election Committee is formed for 2020’s deacon election. The members are Wilfred Chan, Freeman Lam, Patrick Au, Lawrence Lo and Pastor Enoch. We will have 2 existing deacons stepping down, and elect 3 new deacons for 2020’s term. The board would like to invite members to nominate deacon candidate to DEC by writing,…

Baptism and Membership

On October 13 th , Thanksgiving Sunday, there will be an opportunity to be baptized or transfer your membership to BPGC. If you’re interested in being baptized or transferring your membership, please talk to Pastor Enoch for more information.

Policy with Strangers

Once in a while, we have strangers knocked at the door asking for money. Our church principle is to avoid giving them money, instead to give them actual resources. There is a plastic “food box” in the refuge area, inside you can find some cans, instant noodle or crackers for giving out. In really special…

Thank You Pastor O’Coin

Thank you Rev. Kevin O’Coin for being in our midst again. Praise God for the message he has brought to us titled, “Persevering through Pain” surrounding the passage Romans 8:18-39. Pray that God will strengthen his body and spirit to serve Him in his ministry.

Sunday Schedule Changes

Please note that due to the church-wide Summer camp taking place in the second Sunday of August, the following programs will be adjusted on that day. ** Cancelled: – 1 st Chinese worship at 8:30am, – Chinese Sunday school at 10:00am – Children’s worship at 10:00am – EM Sunday school at 11:30am ** Remain Unchanged:…

Journey of Question

Please join the children in our church to think about their questions regarding God, faith, and life! On the wall outside of Pastor Ruth’s office, you will find a brown paper where you are welcome to read, reflect, and share your thoughts regarding the children’s questions! The hope is that as we intentionally notice the…