Reading Through the New Testament in a Year

BPGC 2024 New Testament Reading Through the Year

As a church-wide activity starting Jan 1, 2024, we encourage everyone to embark in reading through the New Testament in a year, whether in your fellowships or small groups. 

Activity: Read or listen to one chapter of the New Testament every day, and put a check mark in the Tracking Guide (see below) to indicate the completion of that day’s reading. Be encouraged to share the your thoughts, insights and inspirations with fellow brothers and sisters as you grow deeper in God’s Word together. 

Online audio Bible resources:
Bible Project- New Testament in One Year App:
* We encourage brothers and sisters to use this app to follow along the Church Reading Tracking Guide (same schedule as the pdf copy)

BPGC NT Scripture Reading Whatsapp Group (English):
* Join our NT Scripture Reading Whatsapp Group and share with others about your insights, prayers or highlights of the scriptures of the day.




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