Pastoral Eugene & Pastor Andy’s Resignation

With full recognition and appreciation for the productive and blessed ministry that Pastor Eugene and Pastor Andy have provided our English Ministry congregation and after being fully assured by both pastors that their resignation are sincere and not subject to reconsideration, the Deacon Board acknowledges the resignation of Pastor Eugene, as submitted to the Deacon Board dated Oct 31, 2023, and the resignation of Pastor Andy, as submitted to the Deacon Board dated Nov 11, 2023. The last day of Pastor Eugene and Pastor Andy will be Dec 31 and Dec 24, 2023 respectively.

While both pastors have expressed the desire to not have a formal farewell event, arrangements will be made for us to causally express our gratitude and say goodbye, and for both pastors to share their thoughts and reasons for closing this chapter of ministry at BPGC.

The Deacon Board and EM leaders will be coordinating with Pastor Eugene and Pastor Andy to transition off their responsibilities and set up new communication paths for different EM programs. The EM Pastor Search Committee is being established. The Deacon Board is also working on redirecting more resources and exploring potential interim options with the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches to provide teaching and discipleship support to ease the transition.

The Deacon Board would like to take this opportunity to ask the congregation to sincerely pray for EM and don’t hesitate to offer care and social support to EM congregation during this challenging period.


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