Deacon Election 2022

Deacon Election is an important decision because deacons are the ones who serve the members and lead the church. We urge everyone to pray for God’s guidance in placing your vote.

After prayer, consideration, and communication, the Deacon Election Committee has confirmed the following candidate: Valerie Lai – who will participate in the 2022 Deacon Election. Between October 23-30, 2023, congregation members are invited to vote via the link below. Deacon candidates need to obtain 75% of the votes in order to be elected. Only church members aged 18 or above are eligible to vote, each member can only submit one ballot.


Deacon candidate: Valerie Lai 

Conversion date: 1986
Spouse: Sam
Children: Hannah, Coleman
Fellowship: Immanuel
Career: Early Childhood Educator
Ministry experience: Awana commander, Children ministry teacher, Fellowship committee, Deacon
Passion: Building up family and children in Christ, make influence in the community


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