*Notice of Church Re-Opening

Notice of Church Re-opening:

  • We encourage the congregation to get vaccinated. Those coming to church need to follow the safety guidelines of wearing a mask and keeping social distancing. Those who are not comfortable can feel free to attend remotely from home.
    • *Those who serve in the following ministry areas are required to be vaccinated: children ministry, worship service usher.
  • Upon entering the church entrance:  please wear a mask, keep social distancing, sanitize, check body temperature, and record your personal information at the sanctuary foyer check-in table.
  • Priority of initial in-person spots will be given to the elderly who may not have access or be familiar with computer technology.
  • There will be a link on the church website (both EM & CM) to access different registration forms for in-person church gatherings (There will be separate forms for each program – eg., Worship, Sunday School):
  • Only a few bulletins will be printed for the elderly.
  • There will be no passing of offering bags during worship.
  • Sanitization procedures include wiping the chairs and other surfaces that were touched.
  • No crowd/people flow restrictions have been enforced at the moment.
  • Access to the church building will be limited to 3 entrances: main entrance (sanctuary foyer), parking lot entrance, and gym entrance.
  • Please enter through the sanctuary main entrance to attend Sunday Service, and exit through the gym side.

CM & EM worship time changes:

  • CM 1st service 8:20-9:25 am
  • EM service 10:00-11:05am
  • CM 2nd service 11:40am-12:45pm

(*Temporary time change to allow more time for set-up prior and sanitization after use.)



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