BPGC Reopening Plan

Preliminary preparation for reopening
–  Finishing all the construction of Day care & library
–  Finishing sanitizing protocols, labels, arrow, social distancing mark, signs, room numbers etc.
–  Setting up all the sanitizers, register board, get ready for all cleaning equipment
–  Equipment for live streaming and video recording
–  Church cleaning day

Phase I (August)
Small size of group and fellowship can resume at initiate stage (e.g. James, Ark, Barnabas, Daniel, EM Worship live stream)

Phase II (Sept)
Larger group of fellowship can resume in more stable stage (e.g. Laundry, Immanuel, John, Bible study group, Prayer meeting & EM worship)

Phase III (Oct)
CM Worship, Sunday school, Paul fellowship, Caleb fellowship, Children program: Sunday school, Awana, Worship. Praise dance, table tennis group & other church activities
–  One month between each phase to allow time for adjustment and fine tuning of process and procedures, and allow congregation to gradually return to physical gathering safely.


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