Vital Signs: Stephen

Here are the worship songs selected by our worship team for this week:

Scripture: Acts 6:1-8:1​

Sermon and Announcements:

Sermon Discussion Questions:
1. Have you ever had to stand accused in defence of what you believe in? What was that experience like?
How do you think Stephen would have felt?

2. Upon reading Stephen’s defence in Acts 7:1-50, what were your first impressions of Stephen’s words?
Did you think his defence was wise or effective?

3. Stephen’s argument was about how God meets the Israelite patriarchs outside of what was considered to be holy places like Jerusalem or the temple.
Have you ever encountered or experienced God in places you least expect to find him?

4.Stephen denounced the major charge of having spoken against the temple by stating the temple was not truly the place where God resides, rather a misplaced affection for worship.
What are some possible things in your life that are “temples” that appear “Christian” or have “religious connotations”, but have become the center of our worship, versus the pathway to help us worship God?

5. How might we be putting too much emphasis on our “holy buildings and institutions” made by “human hands” while neglecting what God is doing outside of them?

6. “The Gospel is first bad news before it is good news.”
Why might this statement be so hard for us to digest?

7. While the story of Stephen ends with his death, there is hope and new life that is being brought about.
Have you experienced “death” that brings about new life in you or others?
Share one area of your life where God might be challenging you to come and die. What makes it so difficult?

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