Vital Signs: Boldness with Signs and Wonders

Here are the worship songs selected by our worship team for this week:

Scripture: Acts 4:23​-5:11​


Sermon Discussion Questions:
1. How are your prayers when you face opposition and trials?
Do you pray like Peter and John to enable you to speak more boldly with signs and wonders, or do you request God to remove the oppositions?

2. How have you seen the Spirit working in your life, or in the world?
Do you ever experience the shaking or sometimes the quiet still small voice of the Spirit working in your life?

3. The Spirit of God is always on the move and working within the church and around the world.
How have you been moving forward with Him?

4. After reading about Ananias and Sapphira’s incident in Acts 5:1-10, what are your first thoughts?
Do you feel God’s judgment was too harsh
What are your responses to this story?

5. Barnabas represents the bold generous giver of the church community, and Ananias represents the deceitful giver.
How has the Spirit of God transformed you in the area of giving?
Do you consider yourself a generous giver or one who tends to hold back?

6. How can we make our church community be of one heart and mind, where we are not afraid to share everything we have?


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