Vital Signs: The Day The Holy Spirit Showed Up

Here are the worship songs selected by our worship team for this week:

Scripture: Acts 2


Sermon Discussion Questions:
1. The day of Pentecost was a Jewish holiday that celebrated what? (See Leviticus 23; Exodus 34:22, 23:15-16).
How do you think it connects with the events of Acts 2?

2. Read Genesis 11:1-9.
How does Acts 2 correspond with what happens in Genesis 11?
What united people back in Genesis 11?
What unites people in Acts 2?

3. Read Acts 2:1-24 & 36-41.
What words, phrases, images, or descriptions about Pentecost raise questions for you? Encourage you? Confuse you?

4. What has been your exposure and experience to a relationship with the Holy Spirit?

5. After Peter’s sermon, thousands of people were convicted and motivated to respond to the message.
How do you know when the Spirit is leading or convicting you to respond to God’s work?

6. Is there anything you are sensing that God is inviting you to respond to by the Spirit at this moment?


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