Divine Revolution: Choosing Life

Here are the worship songs selected by our worship team for this week:

Scripture: Matthew 7:13-27


Sermon Discussion Questions:
1. Jesus’s examples of 2 different gates, 2 different trees, 2 followers, and 2 types of builders are difficult images, because Jesus presents that there are only two choices, his way or the way of destruction.
Do you think Jesus is too serious?
What prevents you from taking Jesus’s words and everything you’ve heard from his sermon on the mount seriously?

2. Biblical commentator Howard Skinner writes “The narrow way is right in the middle of the broad way, it’s just heading in a different direction.” Jesus’ way of the kingdom is fundamentally counter-cultural.
As you reflect on all the teachings from the sermon on the mount, which of the teachings has been a “narrow way” for you? Why?

3. Fredrick Dale Bruner writes “The house that crashes (Matthew 7:24-27) is the house of the Christians who find Jesus’s words important enough to hear, but not realistic enough to live.”
Reflect upon that statement and share with your group how it makes you feel.

4. How has Jesus’s sermon on the mount impacted you?
What has changed in you these last few months upon hearing Jesus’s revolutionary words?
What has the Holy Spirit been saying to you about what you believe and what you do?


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