Divine Revolution: Sawdust, Telephone Poles, Dogs, and Pigs

Here are the worship songs selected by our worship team for this week:

Scripture: Matthew 7:1-12


Sermon Discussion Questions:
1. Judging is about creating and assuming the motives behind someone’s actions.
Do you recall a time you judged someone in that way? What was it about?
Share about a time where your perceived assumption about someone was wrong.

2. Read Matthew 7:1-5.
What is one group of people you tend to judge?
Why is it so tempting for you to judge them?

3. Condemning someone is a form of trying to control someone, but so is trying to push good things on to someone.
What is an example from your life that you see either of these taking place?
Have you done that to someone?
Had someone tried to do that to you?
What did it feel like?

4. Why do you think it is so hard for us to see the “plank” in our own eye, but so easy to pick out the speck in our brother’s eye?

5. Jesus gives us 4 steps as to how we are to deal constructively and respectfully with each other when it comes to sin. These steps are to “self check”, “assume we don’t see the whole picture”, “prayer”, and “ask, seek, and knock”.
Which step is the hardest for you?
Which step is the most natural?

6. What is one thing you are invited to put into practice about not judging this week?


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