2020 Special General Meeting (SGM) Q&A: Freezing Deacon Board 1 Year

Due to the current pandemic situation, a proposal has been made to freeze the current deacon board for one year into 2021, instead of holding a deacon election this year upon finding an election committee.

With the exception of Amina who will step down (whom we thank for 4 years of diligent service!), the deacons that would remain active in 2021 would be: David Sin, Vivian Chui, Alan Choi (all three could step down but have graciously agreed to stay), and Kelvin Poon, Andrew Yeung (second year of term)

Please submit any questions or concerns by November 29th using the following link:

Note: We will not be hosting any in person or virtual meeting, with the following as the only motion to be voted for SGM. As a trust vote, passing would require a minimum of 75% support from all valid ballots cast by members.

‘Motion to freeze the current deacon board except Amina, authorizing the remaining active deacons into 2021: David Sin, Vivian Chui, Alan Choi, Kelvin Poon, Andrew Yeung’ (Motioned: Enoch Yim, Seconded: David Sin)

Voting Proxy Form: https://tinyurl.com/2020sgmvote

Voting Deadline: December 5th (noon)


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