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Good Morning BPGC and welcome to worship.

Over the last several weeks I seem to have found myself in multiple conversations about the devil, notably about how tricky he is. It’s true the devil is a liar.  He’s had a millennium to practice and hone his craft, so he’s become incredibly good at tripping up God’s people.

Whenever I think about the devil’s schemes, I’m reminded of C.S. Lewis’ fabulous book, The Screwtape Letters, which features one demon writing to a junior demon on how to trick his human “patient”. The trick, the older demon writes, is to distract him with politics, with how his neighbor is annoying, with anything so that he doesn’t focus on God. Because if he focuses in on God and hears from Him, then there is nothing that can be done.

This morning then as we come to worship we get to make a choice. Will we be distracted by all the thoughts and distractions the devil throws at us? The fact that our neighbor is singing off key, or that we like our friend’s skirt, or that maybe checking our Facebook or Whatsapp during the service is a good idea. Or we can lay aside all those things and focus on God. We can come before the King of the Universe and praise Him and listen for Him to speak to us as well.

So I encourage you this morning as you come, switch off your phone, lay all the thoughts and worries of the week aside, focus in on God and see what happens. I think the results will surprise you.

God’s Peace,

Pastor Ryan


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