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Good Morning BPGC,

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Wow the last few weeks around the office have been a little bit busy, with programs kicking off and fellowship developing I’ve had quite a bit to do. In the midst of that it was Pastor Enoch who reminded me this week that sometimes what I really need to do is slow down and spend some time with God. Who is after all the source of all that happens in this place.

It’s curious how quickly we sometimes forget God’s place in our life. It sometimes takes a dramatic event to shake us up and allow God to move forward with what He wants to do. This week Bert will be preaching from just such a passage in the New Testament. It took God allowing the persecution of Saul to drive Christians out of Jerusalem and into proclaiming the gospel beyond the borders of Judaism.

It then took Saul an encounter on the road to Damascus with the risen Jesus to realize that his life was better spent proclaiming the gospel as Paul.

It is good then in the midst of our busynes, of making sure kids go to school, appointments are kept, bosses are satisifed to remember to make space and time for God to move through us. To carve out that time for Him to speak to us, to guide us in His plans, and to teach us what we need to learn. I would encourage you to find a way to make that happen. Whether it’s waking up early, turning off the TV an hour before you normally do, or making part of your lunch break into a quiet time make it a priority to spend time with God in the word and in prayer. It can and will change your life.

God’s Peace,
Pastor Ryan


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