Vital Signs: Boldness & Boundless

Here are the worship songs selected by our worship team for this week:

Scripture: Acts 28:11-31

Sermon and Announcements:

Sermon Discussion Questions:
1. As this Acts series comes to an end, what are some stories that stood out or inspired you?

2. What do you think you might have felt if you were Theophilus reaching the end of this long chronicle/volume? (excited, hopeful, discouraged, disappointed)

3. How do you see yourself in the grand story of God’s plan of redeeming and renewing the earth?

4. In response to what you heard today, were there some areas where you sense God may be inviting you to join Him in?

5. How can you continue to cultivate a rhythm of listening and keeping in step with what the Holy Spirit wants to do through you?
How can you do it together with your faith community?

Announcements Links:
Here are some links related to this week’s announcements:
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