Vital Signs: From Religion to Gospel

Here are the worship songs selected by our worship team for this week:

Scripture: Acts 14:1-20

Sermon and Announcements:

Sermon Discussion Questions:
1. In Acts 14, the gospel is crossing boundaries into new cultures and languages.
What did you think it was like for the people hearing Paul and Barnabas for the first time?

2. Have you ever shared the good news of Jesus with someone who is not from Canada or your ethnic background?
What are some elements you would include and what are some areas that may be confusing for a first time listener?

3. Dan mentioned, the story in Acts 14 is also about the tyranny of religion. We tend to find ourselves believing or cooperating with the lies of performance and/or the lies of control.
Are there any lies that are more welcomed in our faith community today?

4. Taking a step further, are there any lies that you are more prone to believe and how can the good news of Jesus address those lies? (ie. I am loved by God so I don’t have to perform, I am not trying to earn the gifts of God)

Announcements Links:
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