Divine Revolution: Snapping the Cycle of Evil

Here are the worship songs selected by our worship team for this week:

Scripture: Matthew 5:38-42


Sermon Discussion Questions:
1. Jesus teaches us to not retaliate or seek revenge against an evil person.
Is this a difficult command to follow for you?
Why or why not?

2. Which of the 4 illustrations Jesus gives shocks you the most?
Which one do you find most radical?

3. “Turning the other cheek”, “handing over your coat”, “going the second mile”, and “giving to the one who asks” are the 4 illustrations that Jesus gives as a way to respond to evil.
Which one do you see yourself being able to do?
Which ones would be difficult for you to do?

4. What usually prevents you from finding a “third way” when presented with a conflict with evil?
Do you usually choose to “flight” or “fight”?

5. What is something that you see currently is a confrontation with evil that is in need of a “third way” to resolve?
What might be some of your suggestions for a “third way” that seeks to not be retaliatory, honours every person as God’s image bearer, and provide a means for people to repent / redeem / restore from their actions or breaks the cycle of violence?

6. What would you change in your life this week in adopting Jesus’s teaching on how we are to confront evil?

7. Ps. Eugene gave several examples in history where individuals and communities adopted a third way approach to dealing with evil (Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement, Mahatma Gandhi and Indian Independence, People Power Revolution in the Philippines, Danish Resistance during WW2).
Research and share with your group a non-violent resistance movement in history that stood out to you.


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