[Online Service] Divine Revolution: Beatitudes

Here are the worship songs selected by our worship team for this week:

Scripture: Matthew 5:3-12


Sermon Discussion Questions:
1) Darrel Johnson says, “The gospel of Jesus is good news not only because our sins are forgiven, and not only because we are given eternal life, but the gospel is good news because “God’s new world order is breaking into our broken world”.
Does this truth inform your current understanding of the gospel today and how does it affect your life?

2) In your opinion, how can the 8 beatitudes become frustrating or oppressive if not viewed in the right context?

3) “Poor in spirit” is a sign and quality of which Jesus’s kingdom has grabbed hold of someone. Has that been true in your experience or someone you know?

4)In light of what you heard today, how does this change your understanding of the good news and how you would share it with others?

5) How can our community be a place that encourages a culture of people who are poor in spirit?


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