2019 Deacon Board & Dept Head

As we enter into 2019, we move our church theme from the 1st stage to the 2nd stage of: “Uniting in Love, Building God’s Family Together”. The new deacon board for 2019 composes of: David Sin, Lawrence Lo, Patrick Au, Amina Ng, Alan Choi and Vivian Chui.  Different departments are headed under:

English Ministry: Helena Shum, Amina Ng & Vivian Chui

CM Ministry:
Worship Dept: Albert Wong
Music Dept: Cecil Chau/Anthony Mak
IT Dept: Richard Chiew
A/V Dept: Nathaniel Sham
Fellowship Dept: Lawrence Lo
Caring Dept: Lawrence Lo
House Affairs Dept: Robert Pang
Children Dept: Leona Wong
Library Dept: Patrick Au
Adult Sun. School Dept: Sam Lai
Training Dept: Jason Siu
Evangelistic Dept: Alan Choi/Pastor Eliza
Mission Dept: Jocyline Ho


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