Syrian Refugee Education, “Keep-Up-Catch-Up” School

According to the Human Rights Watch, there are 1.5 million school aged Syrian refugee children living in Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon but approximately half of them do not have access to formal education. Barriers such as child labor, enrollment requirements, language difficulties, and a lack of affordable transportation are keeping children out of the classroom.

Martine Stilwell created the organization Syrian Refugee Education, a school located in Azraq, Jordan that helps Syrian refugee children “keep-up and catch-up” with their education. On July 9th, we will learn about how this school helps Syrian refugee children reintegrate back into the public school system. We will have a delicious King’s Table BBQ to support them afterwards, located in the outdoor basketball court, weather pending. Come learn about what this “keep-up-catch-up” school is doing for children in Jordan.

Lunch for King’s Table will be $10 per person.

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