Past Events (Page 3)

Visitation of Seamen Centre

Our Mission Dept. Joseph Tso will lead a visitation to North Vancouver Seamen Centre. This is an opportunity to share the gospel with seamen from other countries. For detail, please contact Joseph Tso or meet at the church parking lot at 6:30pm this Saturday.

Music Dept. Appreciation Luncheon

Music Dept. would like to invite those brothers and sisters serving in music ministry in EM/CM to join this appreciation luncheon. Please put your name and number on the sign-up sheet posted on bulletin boards.

Fire Drill

A fire drill will take place during EM Sunday school and Chinese 2nd service simultaneously. When the alarm rings, please leave the building with note on: Keep calm Parents are not required to pick up their children from Sunday School as the teachers and helpers will lead all the children to a safe gathering area.…

Sharing at Prayer Meeting

This is a joint EM/CM prayer meeting. Helena Shum will be sharing on the topic of “Personal Experience on Love, Faith, Hope”. You are welcome to join and pray together for the needs of our church and brothers/sisters.

Stay Connected Lunch Gathering

BPGC is inviting all deacons, department heads, and fellowship committee members to attend a get together lunch. The purpose of this meeting is to let everyone get to know each other more and exchange stories or issues in their ministry so that the Deacons and Pastors can be informed about what is happening in the…

Joint Sunday School

Salome Lau will share her short-term mission experience in this joint Sunday school.

Sharing at Chinese Prayer Meeting

Gary Poon will be sharing in CM Prayer Meeting this Tuesday with the topic of “Personal Experience on Love, Faith, Hope”. You are welcome to join and pray together for the needs of our church and brothers/sisters

Farewell for Pastor Ryan & Joy

It’s time to say Goodbye 🙁 Come to the Farewell Luncheon today to remember Pastor Ryan & Joy’s journey with us for the last two years. We invite you to share and celebrate all that God has done under his leadership and bless them as they journey on. Hope to see every one of you…

First Aid Training

MONDAY, MAY 21ST, EIGHT HOUR This training will issue certificate qualified by Red-Cross and open for those who are willing to provide service in BPGC when needed. This training is conducted in Cantonese, but the material will be provided in English. Welcome those who understand Chinese to attend. A certificate will be given to those…

Debrief Meeting

MAY 13, JOINT SUNDAY SCHOOL The deacons will hold a second debrief meeting, and will focus on the future of EM. Welcome everyone to join.