English Pastor Opportunity

Job Summary:
Under supervision of the Senior Pastor, the English Ministry Associate Pastor works collaboratively with church leaders to develop the English Ministry strategy that meets the overall mission, vision and direction of Burnaby Pacific Grace Church (BPGC).
He/She monitors and develops the spiritual maturity of members through worship, Sunday school, fellowship, discipleship, and evangelism. He/she assists in planning the church direction, provides leadership and pastoral care to the English ministry congregation.

Job Description:
A. Worship

  1. Plan and conduct Sunday worship, provide pastoral care and guidance to worship teams.
  2. Preach at least two times a month.
  3. Officiate communion and baptism when needed.
  4. Assist Senior Pastor in planning pulpit schedule for the English Worship.

B. Discipleship

  1. Work with the pastoral team in discipleship.
  2. Disciple and train up leaders in the English ministry through mentorship and training.
  3. Oversee direction of the Sunday School ministry.
  4. Recruit, support and train up Sunday School teachers.
  5. Assist teachers in curriculum development and teach Sunday School regularly.
  6. Supervise and mentor English Ministry interns.

C. Fellowship

  1. Oversee direction of the fellowship ministry.
  2. Recruit and support fellowship committees in planning programs.
  3. Attend and participate in English Ministry adult fellowship regularly.
  4. Work with leaders to evaluate the spiritual growth of fellowships.

D. Evangelism

  1. Coordinate outreach programs.
  2. Encourage members to participate in mission and evangelism activities.

E. General Duties

  1. Attend Deacon Board meetings, staff meetings, and Annual General Meeting.
  2. Accountable to Senior Pastor and Deacons.
  3. Plan and participate in English prayer meetings.
  4. Participate and support MB Conference events.
  5. Assist deacons and department heads to develop annual English Ministry plan and budget.
  6. Assist Senior Pastor to provide mentoring and guidance to the Youth Pastor.
  7. Provide marital counseling, officiate weddings, funerals, and other services as needed.
  8. Visit and provide care for members.