Family and Children Pastor

Reports To: Senior Pastor and Deacon Board
Accountable To: Deacon Board

Job Summary:
The Family and Children Pastor is responsible for the overall Children’s ministry (Nursery – 12) of the church. He/she works with the Children’s Ministry Committee to monitor and develop the spiritual health of children through worship, Sunday School, AWANA, Vacation Bible School, and related programs within the Children’s Ministry. He/she will lead other members of the church to reach out to the parents of the children, so as to provide a Christian family support for the children.

Job Description:
A. Children’s Worship
1. Oversee and be in charge of worship services.
2. Recruit and train workers for leadership.

B. Children’s Sunday School
1. Oversee the administration of Sunday School.
2. Assess and monitor the spiritual health of members.
3. Select and approve age-appropriate curriculum.
4. Recruit, train and support Sunday School teachers.
5. Teach Sunday School, if required.
6. Plan and make preparation for class expansion.

1. Oversee the administration of AWANA.
2. Connect and communicate with parents.
3. Mentor Awana leaders.

D. Vacation Bible School
1. Oversee the administration of Vacation Bible School.
2. Recruit and train directors, teachers and leaders.
3. Select curriculum and coordinate materials.

E. Other Duties
1. Visit and provide care for children and their families.
2. Reach out to new families with children.
3. Develop core values and strategies for the Children’s Ministry.
4. Attend staff meetings and Deacon Board meetings.
5. Prepare ministry reports to the Deacon Board.
6. Attend prayer meetings.
7. Assist pastoral staff in additional duties as required.
8. Represent BPGC in community activities related to children ministry, such as Burnaby ECD table, MBCCA


  1. Must have The Calling
  2. Passion to work with family and children
  3. Experience in Children’s Ministry
  4. Graduate from Theological Seminary or received the Master of Divinity from Theological seminary
  5. From an Evangelical Christian background, agree to our core beliefs, respect and observe traditions of the church
  6. ECE and Education Degree is an asset
  7. Second language in Cantonese or Mandarin is an asset


  1. The Deacon Board will provide an annual evaluation for the Family and Children Pastor.
  2. He/she shall be evaluated in terms of her effectiveness in accomplishing the goals of the church, as her responsibilities in maintaining staff morale and staff effectiveness, assessing spiritual health and promoting of the church within the community.
  3. Evaluation shall involve direct feedback from those who report directly to the Family and Children Pastor, and may include deacons and key participants in the church community.
  4. The evaluation process may involve an impartial third party, and/or confidential surveys.

Note: Conditions may be subjected to change by Annual General Meeting and/or Deacon Board with appropriate discussion.

To apply to this position, please submit your cover letter and resume to