Ukraine Short-Term Mission Trip

The short-term mission team is holding a breakfast-sale TODAY in order to raise fund for their Ukraine mission trip from June 10- 24. The required is $3,500, of which, $2,500 will be used to support 20 youths, 4/5 leaders and the team (about 30 people) to attend a 4- day gospel camp. Other $1,000 will be used to provide a Chinese Food Mercy House Feast for 90 people, other field expenses like transportation, ministry materials, etc.

They also welcome offering to support them by donation directly to CIM, and CIM will issue tax receipt for offering $20 or above. In today’s bulletin, you will find a “White-Envelope” with an “Information Slip”. Please fill out the slip
with your offering and put it inside the “White Envelope” provided, then put the “White-Envelope” in the “Offering Slot” as usual, or pass it to any team member. We will collect all envelopes and pass them to CIM directly.

The deadline to collect the offering will be on Sunday, May 19 th . Thank you for your prayers and support.