Circle of Security Parenting Series

For Parents with children 0-5

Parenting can be a joyful and challenging experience for all parents. When you are parenting in a new country, it presents an additional set of joys and challenges.
Join us as we discuss ways to help create a strong parent-child relationship that will help you support your child in their growth and development and enjoy your parenting experience.

Week 1: The Importance of the Parent-Child Relationship on Your Child’s Development
Week 2: The Bringing Together of Cultures: How Culture Affects Your Parenting & Your Children
Week 3: How to Create a Healthy Parent-Child Relationship
Week 4: How to Support Your Children’s Social-Emotional Development
Week 5: How to Set Healthy Limits and Boundaries
Week 6: How to Deal With Stress and Overwhelm (Nervous System Regulation)

To Register:

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Meeting ID: 925 1481 3945
Passcode: 333859


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