Posts from December 2017

Church Theme and Direction

The Pastoral and Deacon Board has set up 3-phrase themes for the next 5 years: Phrase 1: Pursuing Maturity in Christ, Living Faith in our Daily Lives (Eph. 4:1) Phrase 2: Uniting in Love, Building God’s Family Together Phrase 3: Going Out of our Bubble, Engaging with our Community The theme of Phrase 1 is…

Expense Reimbursement

If you need to claim back expenses paid in advance for church ministry in 2017, please fill out and submit your claim form with receipts(s) and put it in the related department mail slot for the department head’s approval as soon as possible. Thanks for your cooperation as this will help us finalize the 2017…

Offering Records

Please note that the offering records up to last Sunday December 3rd are posted on the bulletin board in the church’s foyer. The last day of collecting offering for 2017 and the pledged mission and building fund for 2017 is December 31st. Offering received after that day will be counted for the next year, 2018.