English Pastoral Candidate

UPDATE: Thank you all for praying and giving feedback on the English pastoral candidate. After prayer and discussion, the deacon board has discerned that church is not seeking for a perfect English Pastor, but someone who is the right fit to minister to the existing English congregation and serve God together in unity. The deacon board believes Ryan McDonald is able to help our congregations grow and be mutually adjusted and integrated in the growth of a leadership team; therefore, we have decided to invite Ryan to be our English Pastor. Praise the Lord that Ryan McDonald has accepted our invitation to be our English Pastor effective on August 1, 2016. Please keep his adjustment to our church and teamwork with the pastoral staff and deacons in your prayers.

Last Sunday afternoon, 50 church members participated in a lunch meeting with the English pastoral candidate, Ryan McDonald, and his wife, Joy. The gathering went well and we learned more about them. The church urges our members to continue seeking God’s guidance in prayer together. We also ask those who participated in the meeting to give your feedback to Pastor Enoch or the Deacons before June 26, 2016. A final decision will be made within 2 weeks.


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