Posts from June 2016

News from the Pastor

Pastor Enoch is preaching in Port Moody Pacific Grace Church during of 1st and 2nd Chinese service today, but his Chinese Sunday school class will be continued as usual. Praise the Lord that Pastor Enoch’s Thesis for Doctor of Ministry is accepted. Pastor Enoch thanks everyone for their support and prayer. The graduation ceremony will…

Church Renovations

Renovations to improve our church ventilation is now underway for the nursery and Ingleton entrance beside the nursery. Please be careful when entering the church from the Ingleton entrance. The renovations will take about 3 weeks to complete. We appreciate your patience for the inconvenience and your prayers for a safe completion.

Deacon Election Committee Members

A Deacon Election Committee for 2017’s deacon election will be formed, which will include one pastoral staff, two deacon representatives, and two member representatives. April Law and Jason Siu will be representing the deacons and Pastor Enoch will be the pastoral representative. The deacon board would like to invite church members to nominate two representatives…

English Pastoral Candidate

UPDATE: Thank you all for praying and giving feedback on the English pastoral candidate. After prayer and discussion, the deacon board has discerned that church is not seeking for a perfect English Pastor, but someone who is the right fit to minister to the existing English congregation and serve God together in unity. The deacon board…

New Photocopier

We have brought in a photocopier under a new leasing contract. The password for all departments and fellowships can be found in the usual place. To use the photocopier, press the icon displayed on the screen after keying in the password. If you have any questions, please ask the administrative staff.