Decoration Collection Needed!

We need your help in collecting a few items for the “Everest” the Kids Camp happening from Aug 17-21st. If you have any of the items, please contact Timothy (, 604-505-3625)

– Climbing Gear, Picks, Hiking bags, boots, Carabiners, ropes, Snowshoes

– Camp tent (Small 2-3 people kind), preferably yellow, if other colors please check with Timothy.

– approx. 30cmx20cmx3cm shoes box lid or paper tray (no return to the owner)

Each item should have the name of the owner, and be checked in on the sheet on the gym stage so we know that it has in fact been lent to us.  Items should be ready for pick up afterwards, by the owners from the Gym Stage on August 30th.


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