Willingdon School of the Bible

Willingdon Church is organizing a series of Christian education courses:

  1. WSB 130 Introduction to Biblical Studies. Dr. Daryl Kroeker will lead this introduction to hermeneutics and basic exegetical skills for studying Scripture responsibly.  The final assignment provides a guided hands-on experience studying two different genres of Scripture.  We recommend most new students start at this level.  Tues. evening starting March 17.
  2. WSB 304 Romans. Dr. Maty Culy will be teaching this course again, leading a careful study of Paul’s magnum opus.  This would be appropriate for those who are up for a serious study of some of the most brilliant themes in the New Testament, or those desiring a time of spiritual enrichment and fellowship.  Tues. evenings starting March 10.
  3. WSB 205 Later Prophets.  Dr. Daryl Kroeker is back to lead students through an interactive study of some of the Christological themes in the later prophetic writings of the Old Testament, considering both the grace and mercy of God along with themes of judgment – and deliverance for those who trust in Him.  Thurs. evenings starting March 19.
  4. WSB 403 Doctrine of the Holy Spirit and Salvation.  Dr. Mark Jones leads this study on the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit, including Salvation.  This would be appropriate for pastors and biblically informed lay people wanting to refresh their grasp of systematic and biblical theology in a challenging, interactive format.  Mon. evenings starting March 30.
  5. WSB 502 Survey of Church History.  Bob Kirk will be guiding this survey of how the Holy Spirit has been building the Church from the end of Acts until today.  This course takes a global perspective including development of doctrine and church growth.  Thurs. evenings starting March 19.

Please refer to the poster on the bulletin board in the foyer for details.


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