New English Ministry Sunday School Term

A new Sunday school term will start on Sunday, February 1. Three courses will be offered as follows. They are designed to enable us to live out this year’s theme of church life–“Deep Change from the Inside Out.” Pray and ask God which course you should attend.

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

“It is impossible to be spiritually mature, while remaining emotionally immature.” Unleash a revolution in your life through Bible study, DVD and lots of sharing. Be ready to open up yourself and experience God’s amazing work in your life. **For ARK and up

Teachers: Pastor Paul & Eva

Walking with God

The purpose of this class is to deepen our awareness of God in our everyday lives. We will explore and practice spiritual disciplines such as: silence & solitude, meditation, fasting, and sabbath taking. As well, we’ll learn various forms of prayer! Prayers individually, corporately as well as responding to God through creative ways like using the arts. The hope is that as we go through our classes, we will walk closely with God as well as with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Teachers: April Law & Joyce Mok

The Life of Jesus

What did Jesus come to this world for?  For most of us, we have studied or heard that Jesus came to die for our sins.  But what does that really mean that Jesus “died for our sins?”  This Sunday School, we will explore together what The Life of Jesus is.  Whether you are a brand new Christian or have been one your whole life and want to know more about Jesus.  Come with a willing heart to learn and explore the character of Jesus in a deeper way.

Teachers: Justin Yuen & Team


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